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Assemblies and Kits

We have recently seen trends in our customer base that we have proactively prepared for.

Our customers want their internal procurement people to be able to manage more part numbers per buyer. This can be accomplished by combining a group of components into a kit or assembly and then allowing their supplier to manage this group of components into a single purchased item.

Our quality management system is designed to allow our organization the ability to produce and in some cases inventory your products until needed. MTM has helped to develop and shape customer programs like JIT, Min-Max, APOR, and Flex Model. These are all inventory management programs that allow our customers to carry less and less in-house inventory without giving up the ability to ramp up relatively quickly if or when it may be necessary.

We also see manufacturing departments wanting to bring complete kits into their internal assembly cells. This allows the cell to manage a fewer number of components while being able to visually see what they require, in some cases, within a single box or container. Some of our customers have used this technique as an excellent way to procure and control families or groups of components within their facilities.



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