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 The Aerospace industry is the industry May Technology is most closely aligned with. This segment of our business is the largest in terms of sales and number of part numbers produced. We have relied on the aircraft and aerospace industries through its many primary members to help build and maintain MTM into a leader of technology and expertise. We are familiar with ground support equipment and special tool requirements. We are a certified FAA repair station.

We currently supply new and replacement chassis, structural, and landing gear components to both primary and 2nd tier aircraft manufacturers. We have tried to display a small number of the products that support this industry.

May Technology is very well acquainted with the many specifications and certifications required when producing products for this industry. MTM understands the importance and is committed to satisfying all tracking and documentation requirements. Many portions of our implemented MTM quality system are designed to meet these kinds of industry needs. May Technology has recently received the distinction of being certified to both the AS-9100 & the ISO-9002 standards.



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