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Our tooling department is the most mature core competency in our entire company. We have over 360 years of combined tooling experience rolled up in our 40 year old heritage. Over the years, we have combined old-time tooling and mold making expertise with the latest CNC machining equipment along with the most recent 3D CAD/CAM software.


This combination of talent, expertise, and equipment, allows May Technology the ability to produce a wide variety of precision gauges & fixtures, details, and special equipment. We also use many types of high carbon tool steels along with special alloys and powdered metals for extreme applications. We use proven heat treat techniques and certified welding to combine with our previously listed strengths in order to complete customer projects.


We support a wide variety of industries in our daily activities. Our tooling group produces products for the Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture, Medical, and Construction industries. These industries are demanding in many areas including quality, price, and delivery. Our people are accustomed to the close tolerance work that is not only required but is demanded by our broad customer base.




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